Artex Advantages

What makes Artex special, besides being a decentralized digital currency? Artex has several fundamental advantages over other digital currencies. Check out our features that summarizes some advantages of using Artex.

Low Fees

With Artex fees are much lower than banks or credit cards; often even there is no fee – you don’t get charged a lot to use your own money and you can send micro-payments anywhere in the world.
Instant Payments
While fast relative to bank transfers, Bitcoin and most other digital currencies take a significant amount of time to confirm transactions on their network. In the case of Bitcoin, it takes an average of 10 minutes to confirm a transaction and many merchants require 5-6 confirmations before considering the transaction complete. While this 50-60 minute transaction time may be acceptable for making payments online (where goods may not be shipped for hours), this makes nearly all digital currencies impractical for things like face-to-face or in-store purchases and could limit their potential. The developers of Artex created a unique, decentralized technology that guarantees and confirms payments in a few seconds. That’s right—you can send money to any place in the world in only a few seconds!
Extended Privacy
Crypto-currencies use a public ledger where anyone can verify transactions as they happen. The public ledger concept is really important – the confidence, people have in the system, comes from the fact that everybody on the network acts as an auditor to verify that the system is working correctly. Digital currencies like Bitcoin, people send and receive money using “public keys” or “addresses”. These addresses consist of a string of characters.
Two-Tier Network
Artex is the first crypto-currency to introduce the concept of “supernodes.” These are servers connected to the Artex network that are “always on,” secure, and capable of delivering numerous services to the network. Today, these servers are used to enable the privacy features and instant transactions we’ve already discussed. In the future, they can be used to introduce new services to the network that other crypto-currencies are unable to deliver. This two-tier network also ensures that Artex remains a very robust system with that provides a high level of service to its users.
Until now, you were totally dependent on banks to transfer your funds. They have the power to block your account, devalue, or even confiscate your money. Now you have a choice – with Artex all your funds are controlled by your personal wallet and all money transfers are controlled and verified by a distributed network. The decentralized network of users worldwide gets rid of the need for intermediaries and their fees.
Artex is your own personal digital cash protected using advanced cryptography. Transactions are processed not by a bank, but by the distributed power of thousands of independent computers all over the world.

Artex operates on a secure, decentralized network and its fundamental advantage is the two-tier architecture of its network. Artex’s source code is open and available to be viewed and vetted by anyone. This guarantees the independence, safety, and security of the system. The Artex network utilizes its two-tier structure and advanced encryption to maintain full security of users’ funds.
Global Infrastructure and Payments
You can transfer money anywhere, to anyone who has a Artex wallet. These transfers can’t be tracked or blocked by third parties.
Easier International Trade
Digital currencies solve many inefficiencies in the financial system, such as facilitating international money transfers and electronic payments for small amounts (for which credit cards are wire transfers are prohibitively expensive). Digital currencies bring people together in a world that is rapidly cutting distances and allows for more international interaction independent of a person’s location or local currency. Because fees are low or non-existent, it enables the transfer of micro-payments for services that would otherwise make little sense leveraging higher-cost money transfer systems.
New Business Opportunities
Digital currencies like Artex are opening a new world of business opportunities and is important to be familiar with this technology.

Just like with the rise of the internet and networking technologies, the development of worldwide digital currencies opens up many opportunities either to provide services and infrastructure directly related to Artex or just to be familiar with the way it works and offer it as a value added option to customers in any traditional business. Artex in particular is a leader in crypto-currency innovation, being the first to build in privacy features, instantaneous transactions, and a number of other innovative features. We believe it is important to be familiar with the technology, hold some digital cash, learn how easy it is to use a wallet to send and receive money, and with very little effort new ideas will come up about how to apply this new exciting technology to your day-to-day life.